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Doing Repairs After A Wild Party

September 29, 2017 • gunsanddope

It’s a story most people hear about, laugh about, but never want to experience.


You just had a party last night. It was unbelievable. Everyone had fun. You’re mostly sure that nobody got left behind, passed out somewhere in your home. You bonded with people. Met some new friends. You had a riot, and nobody got hurt or lost anything important.


Then, as you’re nursing a hangover and trying to clean up, you see it. It wasn’t just grime or dirt. It was obvious damage. It could be a busted window frame. Maybe someone managed to crack the wood on the stairs. You’re kind of sure that table had four legs before you hit the ten shots mark.


Your first impulse is to panic and do the blame game. You want to find out just how this happened and figure out who you can blame because you don’t want to blame yourself.


After a little time, you accept that no matter who is at fault, someone has to fix the damage. That someone is likely going to be you in the long run. You might be able to get cash out of whoever broke it, but as the guy who hosted the party, they can’t fix it for you.


Your first recourse is not to panic. Analyze and assess the damage with a clear head. That means do it without a hangover blocking your cognitive abilities.


After that, you’ll want to make sure to take pictures. When shopping around for quotes from repair people, you need to give them an idea of just what they need to fix. Photos of the damage will help.


Photos can also help if you’re filing insurance claims. The insurance company will want documented evidence of the damage, so take a lot of shots, Clear ones are best, and take them from as many angles as you can manage. You know how insurance companies can get about this sort of thing.


After that, what you need to do is think. Do you need a handyman Perth for the damage? If it’s small and minor, you can probably get away with just a handyman. If it’s bigger in scale, skip the handyman. You need a contractor.


Do a sweep of the property. Check if there’s any damage you might have missed. This includes checking to see if everything still works, like the toilets and showers. You’d be surprised at how often these end up busted after a party if you didn’t lock these rooms beforehand.


If you find anything else that’s not working, add that to the list of what needs fixing.


Shop around for maintenance specialists. Get plenty of quotes so that you can compare things. If possible, make sure that you find someone local and easy to contact, in case you have questions.


When looking for someone to do the repairs, ask around for referrals from friends. Check reviews online. If they ask, be sure to show them the pictures to give them an idea of what they need to do. It can help get a more accurate quote most of the time.

Six Reasons to Order Loot Bags for Parties

September 26, 2017 • gunsanddope

The loot bag has been a staple of children’s parties for decades, and they have become one of the most important aspects of hosting a party for children. The great thing about loot bags is that they can make your party truly memorable, and a great loot bag will keep children entertained for hours. Although creating your own loot bags can be a rewarding experience, it is fraught with difficulties and can be very easy to get wrong, so for many reasons, ordering professionally completed party bags can be the best way forward. Let’s take a look at just some of those reasons:


Peace of mind – When you’re hosting a children’s party, there are hundreds of things that you need to consider, with loot bags being just one of the many important things that can make or break your child’s party. Trying to focus on all of these things at once can often lead to a great deal of stress, whilst also potentially lowering the quality of other aspects of the party. By ordering your loot bags from a professional, you can be sure that they are going to be of the very highest quality, and will be tried and tested with other children. Ordering loot bags gives you peace of mind, enabling your party to run smoothly.

Professionalism – When you order your party bags from an external source with a good reputation, one thing is guaranteed, quality. A professional will be able to give you great quality loot bags and deliver on time. You’ll be dealing with someone who has catered for hundreds of parties and knows exactly what is needed to create successful loot bags.

Enjoyment – People who make party bags for a living know exactly what is needed to make children happy. They will have tested various items in various themes so that they know exactly what works, and what doesn’t. If you want the children to be amazed by what they find in their loot bag, order from a professional.

Cost – Although ordering from a custom loot bag maker may seem expensive, you are almost certain to save money in the long run. Instead of having to buy all the different components yourself, you’re just paying for the completed package which is often much cheaper. The professionals will be able to source their materials much cheaper than you could ever hope to, so ordering from a professional can often save you money which you can spend on other areas of the party.

Time – Putting together loot bags take time, especially if you’ve got a big party to plan. Often you can get people to help you, but you simply can’t rely on this and spending hours putting together the loot bags could severely hinder your ability to plan other aspects of the party.

Uniqueness – Ordering from a professional who will custom produce loot bags tailored to suit your needs is fantastic if you’re looking for something that’s really going to stand out. These professionals are some of the most creative people when it comes to putting together things for children, so you know that your loot bag won’t be the same as anyone else’s.

A Clean home is a happy home

September 15, 2017 • gunsanddope

Most people live very busy lives and need to run a tight schedule to get everything done, also cleaning the house or apartment. One of the greatest machines we can ever buy to help us keep a perfect home is the vacuum cleaner.

In its most basic form, the cleaner consists of a dust-bag that collects the dirt which you later dispose of. The dirt is sucked up by moving the appliance over the desired area and removing dust and unwanted particles such as pet hairs, for instance. After some time – and according to the specific manufacturer’s advice and studying the user manual – you can detach the dust bag, clean it out and attach it again.

Depending on whether you use a hand-held cleaner or one that is operated in an upright position by pushing it over the floor or carpet, you will buy the one that is best for your purposes. Many households make sure they keep both varieties, one for small jobs and the other for much bigger tasks.

The vacuum cleaner is also known as a hoover (after the Hoover Company that played an important part in developing the appliance and technology) in some countries and households, and it is one of those appliances that few households go without. The variety of these cleaners on the market makes it easy for homeowners to suck up dirt, dust and unwanted small particles from their carpets, floors, upholstery and other pieces of furniture.

Depending on the exact uses one needs the cleaner for, there are different varieties available, whether you only want a dry vacuum or one that also functions as a machine that can perform wet functions. Every user of a vacuum cleaner knows what he or she needs the machine for.

Most normal households may find that the cleaner that performs dry functions is good enough for them. The cleaners that double up to perform dry and wet functions are normally those found in industrial environments and those homeowners who may, from time to time, need this service, may either hire such a piece of equipment or call in a cleaning service.

For their normal, day-to-day cleaning purposes they may find that they do not need the machine for a wet clean. In its most basic form, the vacuum cleaner is offered as either a small hand-held appliance that can be easily moved over objects such as countertops, cushions, larger pieces of furniture and even on the floor to pick up some small piece of dirt or a much bigger appliance for a big job.

Often the smaller appliances are battery powered and portable. They are also popular in some people’s cars on a trip with kids and the dog travelling along. The bigger, upright models are normally used and kept in the home. You use them by pushing them along wheels across the surface that needs cleaning, always checking that you don’t get the electric cord tangled up.

When you decide to get a vacuum cleaner you will indeed have a choice of products from different manufacturers and retailers. Most shops and retailers that market household appliances offer them: the small hand-held ones, bigger machines and also those which are used for industrial purposes – often a combination of dry/wet machines.

And of course, the internet has many sources too: websites that sell only household and garden appliances or those who sell various related products. The internet makes it easy to shop these days since websites show a photograph of products, with accompanying descriptions and prices. Many sites offer a great variety so you will find exactly the one you are looking for.

In terms of the vacuum cleaners that you push or pull or manoeuvre along the floor, for example, you can decide if you want a model with a canister or drum. There are many choices.

It is up to the individual to make the choice that is best for his or her home. Most people will agree that a clean home starts with a good vacuum as one of their most important appliances.

Cleaning Up After A Party

September 12, 2017 • gunsanddope

Here’s a challenge for you: clean up after a party while nursing a hangover.

A hangover can make thinking and moving a problem. You’re likely to feel worse long before it feels better, and going around cleaning up is just making it harder. The key to making sure that the job isn’t impossible in this situation is a bit of preparation and a little prioritisation.

First, you’ll want to minimise the number of rooms you need to clean. Lock any part of the house that you don’t want anyone getting into or have to clean in the morning. Keep the key away from any areas you think will see heavy traffic. Give it to someone who stays sober.


The related thing is to keep the numbers of professionals handy, in case you run into something you can’t deal with.

Your second step is to make sure you have supplies and containers on hand. Call up, for example. Have some stain removal tools – the powerful stuff, as most of the stains will have had overnight to dry – on hand, too.

Remember to work your way to the kitchen! The kitchen and bathroom should be saved for last.

Start the actual cleaning with the obvious. Collect any bottles, cups, or glasses that might be around. Solid rubbish is always easiest.

From there, as your hangover recedes, go for things like spills. They’ve had overnight to set, so you’re probably going to have a little trouble. Still, sometimes they’re easier than you think. Be sure to use the right product for the right surface or type of stain!


Empty any half-filled glasses or cups in the sink. Dispose of any half-eaten dishes and such properly. After that, set these on the counter and put your dishwasher to work.

Everything else needs to either be found a use for or put into the containers. Leftover food could be eaten later or given away. Paper and plastic can be recycled. Those strange and unidentifiable things left behind should probably be thrown out.

Do a sweep of dusting and vacuuming after, preferably once the hangover is gone. Once again, save the kitchen and bath for last.

Protecting your Property in a House Party

August 3, 2017 • gunsanddope

You will discover few phrases that order attention and get adrenaline pumping like that of “all-you-can-eat, ” “buy one have one free, ” and “House Party! ” The announcement of a house party is an exclusive, anticipatory occurrence, as they hold above-average ranking in the world of entertainment options and weekend programs; they are a specialised item on the all-important social menu. When done right, a fabulous get together in an equally wonderful house can be one of the most memorable and exciting events of the calendar year. That being said, the look and execution of this kind of event is another job altogether.


There are several factors to consider when putting the initial get together plans into action. Ahead of you can worry about protecting your home and all the valuables within it, you first have to figure out who is on the roster for this rollicking good time.


1) The Guests List: This can make a lot of big difference in the end effect of a make-you-or-break-you get together; the proper mix of folks and personalities can have immense repercussions on a group dynamic and some degree of forethought must be exercised. House functions are generally attended with a fairly high amount of people, as expression tends to spread continuously throughout the night, so you can reasonably count number on almost doubling your original guest list, if space provides. Invite a diverse crowd of friends, associates and acquaintances, people who you feel comfortable welcoming into your house and introducing to each other. Avoid those who have repeated trouble with the law or a high volume of personal drama in their lives; One or two who is fun but known for their late-night altercations is not a duo you want to be accountable for.


2) Entertainment/Theme: Everyone loves a composition get together, but it’s a great deal of extra work and can be closely achieved by simply possessing a signature drink or fun party favour that all guests obtain after entering (i. elizabeth., neon bracelets, funny nametags, custom-printed cups, etc). That coupled with great music and few popular snacks/appetizers should suffice; after all, attending the party and possessing a great time is the common goal, so any extras are liked. Make sure the entertainment wont cause too much damage to your home. In case it does, you can contact people who can do the repair fast like the guys from All Sealed WA.


3) Personal Protection: Even though no-one anticipates a combat or plans for a theft, opening your gates to a huge group of men and women always comes with a risk. It’s a good idea to consider selecting some well-muscled mediators for the night; A professional security guard is an excellent prevention for bad behavior and vandalism. An inebriated person who may be enticed to engage in some degree of criminal patterns under your roof is far less likely to go through with it (or get away with it) if there is a gatekeeper present. In the event you’re house is several stories and/or posseses an outdoor area where people will be mingling, consider duplicity up on safety or assign a guard to each area. The tranquility of mind you’ll be investing in is priceless – and well-deserved for a proper party-planner!

Need a skip bins service?

August 1, 2017 • gunsanddope


Garbage is the indispensable bitter truth of daily life. When you cook, eat, clean your house, you discover a wholesome collection of trouble making rubbish. But, you cannot afford their extended stay at your residence. So, the solution to this mess is to get professionals help you with discarding it. The professional garbage cleaners collect, manage and dispose your residential trash at a pre-destined place while gifting you a clean, rubbish free home.

But, before you pick your potential garbage cleaner for wiping away the garbage of your home, you must cross-check the below mention points.

Check their previous performance:

If their performance is not up to the mark, then your entire investment will be a total trash. Now you must be thinking, how can you check the work efficiency if you do not give them a chance to serve you. The answer to the problem is, ask for some previous references. Here reference means their past clients who have gained satisfied service from their side. Interact with these satisfied customers in person and get yourself enlightened about the quality of their service.

Distinction between biodegradable and non-biodegradable products:

Garbage has certain subdivisions. Biodegradables like vegetables and non-biodegradable like plastics. Both these types demand different treatments. While the biodegradable counterpart receives recycling treatments and there are some tricky techniques with the detrimental plastics. So see whether your garbage cleaner is quite aware of these two different kinds of treatments. However, this is a standard policy, observed by the garbage cleaners, but even then to be extremely sure, checks their service in the field of recycling.

The disinfectants they use:

Foodstuffs and rotten vegetables are associated with pungent smell and fruit flies, which create a nuisance to your everyday life. Even if you dispose them from your room, the trace of that tacky smell and the flies refuse to leave. A standard garbage removal company sprays insecticides and room fresheners after removing all the biodegradable waste. This uplifts the ambiance of your interiors. Ask your potential garbage cleaner if they are providing this kind of service or not.


Whether they provide large portable dustbins during the parties:


When you organise a party for your friends or acquaintances, there is often an accumulation of plastic or paper plates, glass, and other stuff. Your domestic mini bin is not big enough to hold such a huge pile of garbage. Moreover, you cannot even buy a huge bin overnight, as they are costly, and after the party is over, it is of no use. You could prefer asking the garbage cleaning professionals whether they render the service of allowing you to hire skip bins because it can come in very handy.

Work from your side:

Self-help is the best help. So try to manage and accumulate your trash at a particular place because it makes the work for the garbage cleaner less tedious. But, if you are thinking that why you must help the garbage cleaner by arranging the trash by yourself when you are anyway paying them for their service, then you are wrong. Organizing your garbage makes your room hygienic and neat, making it suitable for the dwelling.


How to Be the Life and Center of Attention of the Party

July 11, 2017 • gunsanddope

If you are the center of attention, many people are looking at you, and you are the most attractive person in the room. The central of attention always has got the glory at the end of evening. More opportunities for success come their way. The center of attention is even very likely to get selected for the better job, simply because other people notice them, and because well — these are the center of attention!


Did you ever go to a supermarket that had shelves which were completely bare? You – like most people – probably did not want to buy as a result supermarket. As you look at the hard to find products on the cabinets, it’s like they are somehow begging one to buy them. For women, it’s easier. Just get breast implants Perth and you will have people looking at you in no time.


Being the center of attention at a party is comparable to a supermarket situation. The greater you seem to be to beg other people to notice you, the less attention you get. Likewise the more confident you seem to be to be, the greater you will find people who will be attracted to you.


The center of attention communicates that they have high status — they do this because they are very confident. People who are the middle of attention know how to open superhuman confidence so that folks immediately shift into “spectator” mode. Once you have the confidence to bust line into any social landscape and dominate the room, people give you all their attention and authorization. In the blog, My spouse and i teach instant confidence enhancing methods to steal the spotlight in any situation.


Being more confident so as to be the life of the party means that you turn your volume level way up! Speak much louder. In just about any given interpersonal situation, you will notice that the center of the attention is usually speaking much louder than the other people in the group. Speaking louder is one of the refined cues that let other folks know that you are the dominant person in the social group.


Comfortable body language is loose, and spread out. As you move, you move with certainty and conviction. Move around in a way that is almost forceful.


Here’s a tip to seem to be like you have confidence in case you have little: Dress in a way that just a confident person would dress. Sometimes this might mean dressing a lttle bit strongly. Single time I went to a party dressed up in a red blazer with my bare chest open. Women were eyeballing me for the whole night.


If perhaps you want as the life of the get together, but you are not very confident, don’t get worried, I teach how to skyrocket yourself confidence on my blog. Take a look through and I will show how to build extreme assurance to enable you to be the midsection of attention for free.

Mystery Stains and How To Remove Them

May 15, 2017 • gunsanddope

There are such things as mystery stains. If you’ve ever had a party wild enough that you can’t remember what happened during it, then you’ve seen them before.

A mystery stain is one where you cannot determine where it came from or identify what caused it. These things can be pretty frustrating since if you don’t know what it is, you can’t be sure what you do to it won’t just make things worse.

The first step you take to figure out how to get rid of a mystery stain after a party is the location. For instance, you’ll find food stains on the floor and flat surfaces, or on clothing. Black grease will usually be on the ground almost exclusively.

The next thing to do is check on the colour. Brown usually means it is protein-based, like a food stain. If it’s grey, the most likely culprit is something that came from oil or grease. A lack of colour is tied to bleaching. However, this is not absolute. Coffee is usually rust-colored, for instance.

As usual, your fundamental concept to removing stains should be not to make things worse.

Always go with the treatment that seems less destructive. Don’t jump right into something that will destroy the stain, but will take a chunk of the area around it too. If something can be washed, use cold water to see if you can break the stain down first.

Liquid detergents and spray-on cleaners might also work. Work them into the stained area little by little, and let them sit a while. Fifteen minutes is minimum, especially on something like a carpet or rug.

If the least-potent option doesn’t work, then you can consider using something stronger. Don’t escalate right away, but rely on going tier by tier. Always remember to let the cleanser sink and linger for some time, particularly for dry stains.

Depending on the surface, you might want to use specific products. For example, stains on a carpet would call for carpet shampoo. You don’t use that industrial-strength stain remover that you keep in reserve for when you get something persistent on your granite kitchen countertop.


Terrible Party Clean-up Stories

April 4, 2017 • gunsanddope

Parties sound like great ideas. The music, the food, the drinks, the people – it all looks like a perfect combination for a good time.

You never really look past that to consider what happens in the aftermath.

Now, there are party clean-up companies that handle this sort of thing. Or maybe you want to do it yourself. In either case, you may want to sit down and read on. Here are stories of some of the worst, most confusing, or most disturbing things people have found cleaning up after a party.

The names have been changed, as per the request of the sources.

Steven works for a cleaning company. One time, after a big party in a big house, he wandered into one of the bedrooms. There were human feces all over. On the floor, it would have been understandable. But from the look of things, it went a little further than that.

There was stuff on the walls, on the windows, and in the bathroom sink. It was splattered on the ceiling. His best guess was that some guests got drunk out of their skulls and started throwing it around.

Freya (she picked the name) used to work in hotels as part of the cleaning staff. She saw some strange things after some wild parties.

One story she never gets tired of telling is walking into the most expensive suite in the hotel and seeing a menagerie. Two chickens, a crow, a hound, and a cat, all sprawled out in various parts of the room. In the bedroom was a goat.

To this day, she has no idea what happened or why those animals were there.

Another friend of mine, Callie, managed to wrestle away a hangover after her party. As she was doing the cleanup, she found her boyfriend in bed with her sister and best friend. It was kind of obvious what went on.

Her story is not the worst thing to encounter, but it did hurt her emotionally.