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Cleaning Up After A Party

September 12, 2017 • gunsanddope

Here’s a challenge for you: clean up after a party while nursing a hangover.

A hangover can make thinking and moving a problem. You’re likely to feel worse long before it feels better, and going around cleaning up is just making it harder. The key to making sure that the job isn’t impossible in this situation is a bit of preparation and a little prioritisation.

First, you’ll want to minimise the number of rooms you need to clean. Lock any part of the house that you don’t want anyone getting into or have to clean in the morning. Keep the key away from any areas you think will see heavy traffic. Give it to someone who stays sober.


The related thing is to keep the numbers of professionals handy, in case you run into something you can’t deal with.

Your second step is to make sure you have supplies and containers on hand. Call up, for example. Have some stain removal tools – the powerful stuff, as most of the stains will have had overnight to dry – on hand, too.

Remember to work your way to the kitchen! The kitchen and bathroom should be saved for last.

Start the actual cleaning with the obvious. Collect any bottles, cups, or glasses that might be around. Solid rubbish is always easiest.

From there, as your hangover recedes, go for things like spills. They’ve had overnight to set, so you’re probably going to have a little trouble. Still, sometimes they’re easier than you think. Be sure to use the right product for the right surface or type of stain!


Empty any half-filled glasses or cups in the sink. Dispose of any half-eaten dishes and such properly. After that, set these on the counter and put your dishwasher to work.

Everything else needs to either be found a use for or put into the containers. Leftover food could be eaten later or given away. Paper and plastic can be recycled. Those strange and unidentifiable things left behind should probably be thrown out.

Do a sweep of dusting and vacuuming after, preferably once the hangover is gone. Once again, save the kitchen and bath for last.

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