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Doing Repairs After A Wild Party

September 29, 2017 • gunsanddope

It’s a story most people hear about, laugh about, but never want to experience.


You just had a party last night. It was unbelievable. Everyone had fun. You’re mostly sure that nobody got left behind, passed out somewhere in your home. You bonded with people. Met some new friends. You had a riot, and nobody got hurt or lost anything important.


Then, as you’re nursing a hangover and trying to clean up, you see it. It wasn’t just grime or dirt. It was obvious damage. It could be a busted window frame. Maybe someone managed to crack the wood on the stairs. You’re kind of sure that table had four legs before you hit the ten shots mark.


Your first impulse is to panic and do the blame game. You want to find out just how this happened and figure out who you can blame because you don’t want to blame yourself.


After a little time, you accept that no matter who is at fault, someone has to fix the damage. That someone is likely going to be you in the long run. You might be able to get cash out of whoever broke it, but as the guy who hosted the party, they can’t fix it for you.


Your first recourse is not to panic. Analyze and assess the damage with a clear head. That means do it without a hangover blocking your cognitive abilities.


After that, you’ll want to make sure to take pictures. When shopping around for quotes from repair people, you need to give them an idea of just what they need to fix. Photos of the damage will help.


Photos can also help if you’re filing insurance claims. The insurance company will want documented evidence of the damage, so take a lot of shots, Clear ones are best, and take them from as many angles as you can manage. You know how insurance companies can get about this sort of thing.


After that, what you need to do is think. Do you need a handyman Perth for the damage? If it’s small and minor, you can probably get away with just a handyman. If it’s bigger in scale, skip the handyman. You need a contractor.


Do a sweep of the property. Check if there’s any damage you might have missed. This includes checking to see if everything still works, like the toilets and showers. You’d be surprised at how often these end up busted after a party if you didn’t lock these rooms beforehand.


If you find anything else that’s not working, add that to the list of what needs fixing.


Shop around for maintenance specialists. Get plenty of quotes so that you can compare things. If possible, make sure that you find someone local and easy to contact, in case you have questions.


When looking for someone to do the repairs, ask around for referrals from friends. Check reviews online. If they ask, be sure to show them the pictures to give them an idea of what they need to do. It can help get a more accurate quote most of the time.

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